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About Us

We focus on the development, marketing, and management of quality applications for visionaries to succeed online with web technologies that produce amazing results and business growth.

Where It All Started

Scrapabill Webmasters acquired ZetDomain on July 7th, 2017, a company located in Canada that has provided online services since 2007. On March 2019, we hired credible technology gurus to start the Scrapabill Webmasters. With a fresh business outlook and management structure, we can accommodate clients with every budget.


24/7 Support

 With diverse Webmasters, we assist entrepreneurs and business owners to take advantage of the best web tools to grow their business online. No matter where you do business anywhere in the world, we are available 24/7 to provide friendly support. Extremely creative with exceptional communication skills, you can rely and count on us to offer you the right solution for your business project.



Scrapabill Webmasters mission is to deliver quality and affordable services that meet your budget and standards through business intelligence, information gathering and reporting with the capability of turning ideas, and vision into reality.

Trust The Experts

Scrapabill Webmasters has qualified software engineers, web developers, programmers, designers, system analysts, and coders that provide digital web services to exceed your expectations. Our expertise falls under data science, business intelligence, cloud computing, web development, mobile app development, social network development, and Blockchain development within various industries. While we help you manage the development process, you focus on the administration of your business and leave the technology side of things up to us. You can relax and have peace of mind knowing that a trustworthy and knowledgeable global-oriented company with qualified professional Webmasters can handle your project more effectively and bring your creative ideas to reality.


To provide exceptional web services that exceed expectations and ensure client satisfaction is guaranteed.


Go Scrapabill is an action word consisting of letters that collectively represent our core values, who we are, what we do, and how we do it. Scrapabill is our trademark across every sector designed to help entrepreneurs, and businesses prosper.

We develop, market, and manage websites for clients in various industries. We have gifted Webmasters who are experts in an area of web technology within your industry.