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Communication Channels

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We live in a digital world today, so every project we undertake; we establish communication channels with our clients digitally for proper tracking and internal records. A team of Webmasters can be assigned to work on different areas of your project from the frontend, backend, engineering, designs, configurations, and coding to web marketing, and security. We conduct periodic meetings to get feedback and comments from you while gauging your satisfaction at different stages of development. We use one of the following communication channels to chat, collaborate, schedule calls, and review assigned tasks to meet the deadline and time frame we have promised to deliver your project. Let us schedule a conference call with your management team to evaluate how we can help you to achieve your business goals. Connect with us on UberConference with the Join the call:

  • Optional dial-in number: +1-604-900-2079
  • International access numbers available here:
  • No PIN needed