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Our Approach

We make an appointment in person or online to serve local, national, or international clients in 7 steps. Connecting with your team to build trust is crucial.

We take time to understand your business requirements, ideas, visions, and goals. Then, assign trusted Webmasters to the project that can bring your concept into reality by following these steps.


You meet with a Webmaster to identify and assess your project needs, and business requirements after submission of your project description and content. We analyze the content you submitted before suggesting the technology that will be applied.


Information gathering questions and answers to clarify requirements. We conduct a thorough software and project analysis to confirm the best approach and ensure the Webmasters are all on the same page regarding the right application, technology, and framework chosen.


Costing and payment arrangements. Setting up cost in accordance to your budget and affordability.


Preparation, drafting, and approval of the scope of work and the project Wireframe. The wireframe is the product or project architecture from start to finish.


Rough sketch and architecture of your design and approval of the overall layout. Product architecture.


Assignment of design and development team of Webmasters. Front and backend development, UI/UX design, quality assurance, project testing, bug-free, and security compliance.


The final stage is the second phase of quality assurance checking and deployment to client-server, hosted with us or at another service provider. During this time, the maintenance and support agreement should be discussed and initiated.