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Penetration Testing Packages

Don’t allow cyber-attacks on your system without regular vulnerability scans and reports on how to fix them. You will have yourself to blame when a disaster occurs.

In 2017 it was recorded that Cyber attacks took place every 40 seconds, which resulted in a total financial loss of over 5 billion dollars. This figure increased to 21.5 billion dollars in 2019 every 14 seconds. Cyber attacks are on the rise, and every business is a prime target.  We can help you conduct monthly, quarterly, or yearly Penetration Testing with packages you can afford to secure your system. Custom packages are also available. Take a step to protect your technology, email servers, and data from hackers and virus attacks before it is too late to save your business credibility and reputation. Don’t be vulnerable. Let our Penetration Testing expert detect security threats to your system now.