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Referral Program

Earn money working from home or office as our Customer Service Representative (CSR). Take advantage of your business skills and established connections to make extra income.

The Scrapabill Referral program is suitable for those who have Sales, Coaching, or a Customer Service Representative (CSR) background and have phone skills to deal with business or sales inquiries. As a CSR, you will act as a liaison between potential clients and Scrapabill Webmasters from your location. The benefit is that you earn a commission of 10% for every client you close over the phone that purchases one of our Webmasters packages listed below:

Logo Design


Web Design


Web Maintenance

Web Development

Explainer Video Creation

Mobile App Development

There are also opportunities for growth and increased earnings. All CSR who join the referral program can have their contact information such as phone number and address displayed on our website for clients verification purposes.  Due to conflict of interest, web developers, web designers, and digital marketers can participate in the program without the option of showing their contact information on our website. We recommend that technical experts should consider signing up under the Scrapabill Webmasters Reseller Program.