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Most people know what Webmasters do. Even those that don’t know, they probably have an idea because the word itself reveals what they do. You may have heard the word “Webmasters” mentioned at some point in your business life. From the pronunciation of the word, it means someone who is the Master of the Web and has the responsibility to design, develop, market, or maintains web applications. Business owners, managers, or entrepreneurs must have negotiated and contracted a Webmaster to handle an online project at some point in their business life. Scrapabill Webmasters provide similar services, but we do more than build, develop, manage, and maintain your web application. We help you grow your business online using the skills of the Best Webmasters in our roster.


1. Dealing With Clients

Becoming a Scrapabill Webmaster means that you must have the right attitude, qualifications, and training to handle and work on web projects. You must have good business ethics and capable of putting customers satisfaction a priority while being honest and straightforward in your dealings and promises to clients. Scrapabill Webmasters work on projects delegated to them with one of the most powerful project management systems in the market.


2. Training and Professionalism

Scrapabill Webmasters are professionals who have undertaken formal training with vast experience in their area of specialty. They have taken web development or design courses in University or attended Coders Boot camp to learn how to code, design, develop or market web and mobile applications. Most Scrapabill Webmaster has a degree in Software Engineer, Computer Science, Information Technology, or Software Development from prestigious world-ranked colleges and universities. For those who don’t have a bachelors degree, they may have done training through Boot Camps or secured a college diploma in their area of expertise. Some Scrapabill Webmasters have graduated with a Master’s degree program in Computer Science or Information Technology to acquire advanced skills in engineering, development, and project management.

3. Our Story and Foundation

The Scrapabill Webmasters was initially founded to use its well-trained software engineers and developers to provide full technical support, management, and administration of its Brands. The Scrapabill Brands includes but are not limited to social media, security services, health services, and several others. We empower and encourage businesses to use specific web tools to grow their business online. Helping businesses grow, both on and offline is our core values and the foundation of our business module.


4. The Experts We Use to Grow Your Business

Our team consists of the following well-trained and qualified professionals. You can have all, if not some, of these Webmasters to work on your project. Even if you may not need them now, there will be a reason for their services sooner ot later. From the conception of your idea, development to deployment of the finished product, we assign more than one of the following team of professionals to satisfactorily meet your needs at different stages.


  1. The Project Manager
  2. The Graphic Designer
  3. The Business Analyst
  4. The Content Writer
  5. The Web Designer
  6. Frontend Developer
  7. Backend Developer
  8. The Digital Marketer
  9. Penetration Tester
  10. Server Administrator
  11. Explainer Video Creator
  12. Business Analyst & Consultant


Due to budget constraints, most clients choose to hire the Webmasters that appear to be more significant than the others to quickly bring their ideas and web project to live.  We use business intelligence and modern technology to help you achieve your objectives. After we have assigned the right team of Webmasters to your project, we begin to work with you. During all stages of development, we give you feedback regularly to ensure your goals and needs are being met.


 5. The Business Consultant, Analyst and Project Managers

The Business Consultant, analyst, and project managers are Scrapabill Webmasters you will first meet, discuss with, or encounter when you contact us, or walk through the door. They will analyze and take a critical look at your project. They will ask you specific questions to determine if you have done your research before embarking on such a project. Answering these questions could make you feel uncomfortable. They are designed to test your preparation of the tasks ahead before spending time and money on a project that could take anywhere from several weeks to months to complete. You are free to sign a confidential agreement before answering some of these questions to preserve your idea and intellectual property.  Questions like how your services or products work, who is your audience? What’s your budget for the project? Do you know the technology or framework you would like your application developed? Do you have a business plan? Who’s going to manage, and market the application when development is tested and completed? You will be required to answer technical, marketing, management, and financial questions. Ignoring these questions determine how successful your business become down the road. The Scrapabill Webmasters care about our clients, and we always want you to succeed.


 6. The Web and Graphic Designers

The designers are professionals who work on the look and feel of your applications. They make things look beautiful both inside and out. They are experts in the use of color combinations and how users view your websites and products. Graphic Designers and Web Designers are two categories of professionals you need. Both designers can select images, icons, photos, and place them in the pages to pass the right message that can trigger sales conversion.


7.  The Web Developers

Some people confuse the duties of the web developer and web designer and think they are the same. However, the qualifications and what they are trained to do is different. We use the term UI/UX design to differentiate their functions relative to the User Experience when one visit or use your web application. You may have heard of Frontend and Backend developers, which are the two types of developers, someone takes care of the frontend coding and another that looks after the server scripting. In some cases, a developer can specialize in both Frontend and Backend development. These types of developers are called Full-Stack. The Scrapabill Webmaster could specialize in technology such as the JavaScript family such as Angular.js, React.js, Vue.js, Node.js, MongoDB We call these types of developers MERN or MEAN Stack.

The Scrapabill Webmasters has several web developers that we can call upon at any time to handle a variety of web projects from simple to complex, small or large ventures. In the development of any project, a qualified and talented team must be in place to achieve its goals and objectives for the client. The Scrapabill Webmasters always try to meet the needs of its clients.


 8. The Content Writers

 If you are not a good writer, or you don’t have the time to write content for your website or blog, then no need to worry. You can hire the Scrapabill Webmasters Content Writers that specialize in the delivery of write-ups for your web pages or blogs. We will research the content to ensure there is no copyright infringement, and the information is sound and logical to readers and your website visitors. We also ensure that the content can optimize your website ranking on Google and other Search Engine.


 9. The Server Administrators and Managers

There must be a qualified Scrapabill Webmasters professional assigned to manage and administer a server or computer program hosted on the web. When a disaster occurs, you need a server admin to take away the risk of losing your business, and company data. When your server is down or encountering issues, your first point of contact is your server admin manager to check what has gone wrong. Server managers help you with solutions that can protect your data. They look at for bugs, migrate your website to a different host, and ensure that your website is running smoothly on the web without any issues. Server managers sometimes help in creating secure password login details to developers, designers, digital marketers, and other professionals.


 10. The Penetration Testing & Quality Assurance Engineers

We are in an era where cyber-attacks are very common worldwide. Businesses in specific industries are the primary target. For this reason, before Scrapabill Webmasters delivers projects to it, clients, we often recommend a thorough penetration testing. We will assign Penetration Testing and Quality Assurance experts to ensure that your application is not vulnerable to attacks. We will conduct a vulnerability scan and fix every security issue that is found on your application.


 11. Digital Marketers

After your website has been developed and the Quality Assurance Engineers and Penetration Testers have cleared it of any security issues or bugs, it is now time to let the world know about your website. You can start to sell your services and products. During this time, you will still need the maintenance Webmasters to continue to manage your website from any cyber external and internal attacks. A good hosting and server management company with firewall, virus malware server protection is all you will need. The various ways to market your website are through Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Explainer Video Creation (YouTube), Online Press Releases, Social Media such as Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn Twitter, Pinterest and other social media platforms you desire. Marketing is a continuous process and you consider hiring Scrapabill Webmasters to continue to market your business online as long as we are doing a great job of drawing traffic to sell your products and services.



If you need a professional Webmaster for your next project, do not hesitate to visit us at We will be prepared to go over your requirements, the scope of work, and assign you the Best Webmasters dedicated to handling all your design work, development, marketing, and maintenance.