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Please submit a testimonial about your experience. We reward clients who provide us testimonials with a free server migration, and unlimited support.

Thank you for taking a moment to fill out the form below and write a brief testimonial about your experience with our Webmasters. Your testimonial enables us to showcase our work to other clients and ensures we are meeting the highest standards set for our Webmasters and the organization. We will always strive to improve the quality of our services and how they are delivered. Let us know how we did:

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Scrapabill Webmasters has one of the most reliable teams in the IT industry. They provided me with quality finished products, and I will always use them for my web development, hosting, and server management needs.

Barry Erezi

Director, Orevstar Energy Ltd.

I worked as a remote Project manager with Mr. Frank on the Scrapabill platform. I tried to give in my best to make the flow of the application better, and I think Frank happily accepted my opinions. I was well treated and always got paid on time. I had no problems working with the teams of IT specialists. I hope to work with Mr. Frank again.

Raza Ali Zaidi

Project Manager, ICodeDigital

The Webmasters at “Scrapabill” did my server migration for free and helped me redesigned my web application. Frank is very patient, creative, and offered the best business solution when everyone else disappointed us. Thank you for your efforts.

Sophia Wole

Manager, Eatamu Enterprise Ltd.

I worked as a full-stack developer with Scrapabill when the project deadline was close to completion, which was a challenging experience. I worked with a team of five IT professionals to resolve technical issues and solve problems within a short deadline. I must say it was good because I learned to multitask better and be flexible while managing the stress of completing each assigned task. Overall, my experience was great, but I would have loved enough time to plan and define the functional and non-functional requirements of a project at the initial stage to avoid burn-out.

Sikandar Hayat

Full-Stack Developer