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1. Use Strong Passwords

A password which can’t be broken easily is the one which is less susceptible to hacking. A hacker breaks password instantly which is easy and made carelessly. 20 characters’ length password is preferred with alphanumeric and special characters.


2. Update your WordPress Version

It’s a healthy practice to keep websites updated. A well-maintained site is less susceptible to viruses, infections, and hacking. On the other hand, WordPress also keeps creating patches to fill up the security loopholes for lessening the chances of hacking. Checking the latest version of your WordPress is straightforward. Log in WordPress admin account and access to the updates panel. Keep in mind that even though your site is fully updated but still you can be vulnerable to hackers. However, an updated version of WordPress site will keep it away from technical problems and brute force attacks.


3. Backup your website

Create backup of your website in the local machines. Best practice is to create backup on the multiple machines and create the backup with the updated files.


4. Secure your WordPress File Permissions

Setting index.php to file on a website is quite sensitive because it will let anybody in the world update it. Think, for instance, a hacker reaches to the file and updates it for his evil intentions. If you won’t update the file, then the big problem which will arise here is a redirection of the traffic to hacker’s site. Make use of 0755 permissions for WordPress folders, 0644 Permissions for WordPress files. In case, you are getting errors while trying to install plugins, then don’t set folder permissions at all to 0777. It will worsen the problem.


5. Monitor WordPress Files Actively

Don’t overlook the importance of having watchful eyes on your WordPress site. It’s indispensable for you to give particular heed to the security and every aspect of the website. This way you can prohibit hackers from tampering your sites as such you can track changes made by 3rd Party. The best remedy for you is to use Security Ninja PRO. It is the versatile tool which comprises Malware Scanner and database optimizer. Monitoring WordPress files is the easiest way to enhance security around the website.